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a unorganized, inconclusive, and ever-growing collection of finds from the internet

Crab Eyeballs Me As I Pass By - he really does

How To Start A Cult - authoritarian yet oddly aesthetically pleasing youtube tutorial, went viral when edited over sorority girl chants

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa - a CGI masterpiece that's more Foodfight! than Foodfight!

a portal to elsagate videos - it'll put you right in the middle of the notorious mess that is elsagate youtube (use adblock if you can)

not elsagate, but nonsensical brandless educational video portal - at 120mil views this is like probably going to trigger nostalgia in the teens of the 2020s... the future is wild

bill wurtz deep cuts - 1, 2, 3, 4 - the sheer volume of bill wurtz's content output is like, humanly impossible. on his site he documented his early days

How To Party 1950s Instructional Video - in case you didn't know

The Mellotron: A Keyboard with the Power of an Orchestra - some dudes jamming out in a vintage and corky way

Nickelodeon Magazine Scans - for collages and other art if you want

ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ / KOLM TRIIPU / THREE STRIPES - found doing A&R research on co-op

Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans - the title of this video alone is sufficient reason to tune in

Impossible Quiz - having a rough night? born between 1995-2000?

Simple English Wikipedia, describing itself - simple english wikipedia is a lifesaver for quick research when you don't need to go in-depth

Anna Nicole Smith show theme song - something about the slightly fuzzy animation quality of this is great. also it's a bop

whats poppin - not a rare find as much as a straight-up meme but it rules

an hour of pingu - universally calming

American't Idol (GBA) - 09 - Livin' La Vida Loca (M) - a video game where you can sing badly

fridge.avi - a concentrated dose of some sort of content

Nathan Fielder sings "Born to Die" - yeah

Even The Best - nathan fielder again

Update Day - two guys putting lyrics to the bossa nova wii menu

The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience - a bunch of kate bush cosplays in a field dancing together AKA my 40th bday party

Ding Dong, It's Me (The weird man) - The Big Bopper - life-changing absurdity. listen with headphones

American Girl E-Cards, 2004 - i used to watch these like cartoons, & turns out the wayback machine remembers EVERYTHING (i.e. type in some more websites and see what's left)

natethesnake.com - this entire website is one short story. if your day is going slowly, open this on your phone, and scroll through this instead of social media

"Yablochko". Igor Moiseyev Ballet. - how it feels to chew 5 gum

카레(부산예고-지휘 최민성) - portal to the viral choir dances part of youtube

we're going out tonight, the scene is out of sight, come on get my girls together we be feelin' alright - this was stuck in my head for the past 13 years

DivaStarz Fashion Emergency - enable flash

Pixel Chix - isn't it weird how all girl's toys from 2000-2005 acted exactly like Paris Hilton in promotional material ??? only realizing this now... do they all act like Kim Kardashian now

History of Geodesy vid - I had no idea this even existed 

The Cher Show - in the beginning of every single episode she does the dramatic outfit change thing right at the beginning. this video gives me hope for my 30s

Light Is Calling - expired silent film :( actually very sad

Frog Fractions - play this if you have no plans for 1-2 hours

List of practical joke topics - academic research

Rafael Rozendaal's single serving websites - click on them all

Solid Potato Salad - don't skip through it or read any comments just go the whole 5 minutes. i guarantee this is the right move 

Woman Goes Above And Beyond To Adopt Fat Cat - 0:40 

Multiplication Rock - idc if you """already know your times tables""" these songs rule

Alan Watts Wikiquote - scrolling through this page feels like walking through one of those boardwalk gift shops that only sells grateful dead merch and incense but most of these are extra enough to calm u down

Homestuck - if you're bored enough to scroll through this page might as well click through fuckin homestuck as well

Museum Video Game Demo - fun game demo & somehow calming

That one cartoon character drummer - has a whole band apparently

The four geese bodyguards only following around the grandmother - next level editing

The friendship of a blackfaced spoonbill and a man - just watch all of these vids

Woman gets lowered into the ground during her own piano recital - we stan

Debussy "Clair de Lune" on Piano for 80 Year Old Elephant - amazing

Chipmunks On 16 Speed - sssslllluuudddggggeeeeeee kkkkiiiinnnggggssssss

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